Post Fontan Day 23 Discharge Day

1 Nov

Thursday, October 23rd late in the day we got the news that we were getting set up to go HOME! There was a lot to do and plan, we were ecstatic and I was nervous!!! We had to get all the medication settled which was difficult to approve some with insurance but it got handled by a very hard working, persistent and kind person at Chnola, thank you Lynn and C&C Pharmacy for all that extra time on the phone! After we were finishing up being discharged, we decided to take out our family super hero outfits to take a photo of our escape. The costumes Batman Dad and Batgirl Mom we had were a surprise for Robin Cam and he loved it! We encouraged Cam to say ‘We are busting out of here!’ And he kept saying it the entire way out… Too cute!

We stayed at Grandma’s in Metairie for a few days, we had some follow up appointments to settle the next week. Cam had a small amount of fluid in his right pleural space near the bottom of his lung in his chest and they wanted to follow it carefully so we had an appointment every other day. We were very busy but it was worth being home even with the back and forth check ups. I will post those results and details soon.

I apologize for the late posting my iPhone was full and I had no storage memory to upload the app I use to post here. I had 1,000 pictures plus many videos of our hospital stay which I had to unload. Anyway we are all home now happy and unpacked much more comfortable. The camper looked like it threw up into the house but having the camper really helped out with our extended stay at Chnola. I want to thank everyone who sent us prayers, support and all those sweet Get Well gifts for Cam! More posts to come soon…

My Facebook Post:

What??? Look who’s busted out Chnola… Batman Dad, Batgirl Mom and Robin Cam! Yes that’s right we were discharged and walked out as a superhero team! Three weeks ago Cam had the Fontan surgery and now we are heading HOME!!! I will update Baby Mogg later for now we are moving out and making follow up appointments next week…






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