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June 2013

2 Jul

We had another fast month go by with the celebration of Cameron’s 2nd Birthday. We tried to do a small kids party with a monster truck theme hosted by Grandma Tricia Mogg (Thank you!). Monster trucks is his favorite thing right now and he loved it! Cam really enjoyed sitting at the decorated table with all those kids (the most kids he has ever seen or been around close up – I feel like). I’d like to thank everyone who celebrated with us Cam turning 2 and everyone that couldn’t make it out but sent their love and wishes. It was a joyful event and yes I did cry a few times, just couldn’t help myself.

Cam really is a beautiful and strong spirit amazing us every day. He has a big vocabulary now and he knows his colors very well. Nothing else has changed for us as of now. We have an echo scheduled for late August and will have more information after that test. I can never thank everyone enough for all the continued support and prayers for our family! Again a special thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses as there are not enough expressive words of appreciation that I can find. Thank you, thank you for Cameron!!