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January 2013

19 Feb

Again, not much here just enjoying every moment with Cameron. Cam’s meds are the same aspirin, enalipril and a multi vitamin so much more simple then before with a list of meds. Cam is still on pediasure and I’m suppose to be taking the bottle away week by week and meal by meal. However, I give up when he gets to that HEART breaking point with the red face upset crying (I can only see it causing more harm then its worth on his little heart to have these frustrating outbursts). We are still getting the rsv shots each month until flu season is over. Cameron did get pretty sick with a runny nose this past month. I took him to the Pediatrician immediately (worried like a heart mom). They said he was negative for influenza and he will just have to let the cold pass. It was tough for me to wait for it to pass worrying about his heart but we handled it.

We did make our first family trip to the aquarium and many other firsts here and there Mardi Gras parades etc. I desperately want to keep him safe from germs and I freak sometimes (well most of the time) but I also want him to have some chance to enjoy life experiences. Cameron is a joy like no other I have ever know and he is really getting to be so big walking, talking (two word sentences), playful as ever exploring and learning new things everyday. I feel like he needs and wants to go go go. In fact he even says ‘Come On!’

February is CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) awareness month. Nick has been posting heart facts and some raw pictures of Cameron on Facebook to create awareness on our part. Each year, 1 out of every 100 babies in the United States, and 1 million babies worldwide, is born with some type of heart defect, making congenital heart defect the most common type of birth defect in children. The reason to spread awareness is to alert families that their child’s heart is important and to have it checked out to avoid any major surprises. I can’t lie it was a devastating pregnancy for me after finding out Cameron would be born with a heart condition but it gave our family time to prepare.