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First Hair Cut

7 Oct

Cameron got his first hair cut at a good friend Mandy Pembo’s Salon called Shear Fun in Kenner. The minute we got into the room Cam broke out into tears. He thought it was a Doctor’s office and she even had an apron on so we couldn’t blame him for being upset. Mandy had balloons ready for him and a Halloween cookie but it wasn’t until we let him pull down her jelly/sticky window decorations did he calm down. Grandma Tricia Mogg showed up with extra balloons and a cow flashlight for more distractions. Poor Mandy had to dance around him to cut his hair while we took turns holding him. It was an interesting event to say the least, but all went well and Cam looks like a sweet little gentlemen now. Thanks Mandy!









It was just a bug…

3 Oct

Cameron is doing good now but we had an ER visit to Chnola last month due to a high fever. Cameron wasn’t himself that Sunday morning having a little fever so we gave him Tylenol and let him take his afternoon nap thinking it was teething and would pass. When he got up he still had a 102 temperature and would not sit up or eat at all. Momma was worried and had Daddy call all the Doctors. They suggested we give him a little more Tylenol and said if his fever spikes again or if he has trouble breathing go to the Emergency Room. Cameron took another nap and when he got up was much better enjoyed his cooler bath just fine even played a little before bedtime. Cam went to sleep but I was up all night because he was still hot to the touch with a low fever. Also, he had a slightly faster breathing rate then he does in his normal comfortable sleep. It was like he was resting and his body was saying it was so exhausted maybe achy, but it was nothing like the retracting caused with the pleural effusions. We kept tylenol in him and Cam finally wanted a bottle for breakfast, but he was still real hot to the touch and sleepy just lounging in my lap. About a half hour later he threw up all over and not long after that had diarrhea. I packed the car up and drove to children’s where Daddy met me to wait for our turn with the busy ER Doctor. Cameron was cranky, sleepy and hot with fever the entire time in the ER waiting area which I did not feel the most comfortable sitting with a heart baby having such a low immune system. Anyway the Doctor took a look at him and listened to our concerns then ordered a chest X-ray and blood work. The chest X-ray showed no signs of fluid specifically no pleural effusions. The blood work didn’t show signs of bacteria so they sent us home saying it could just be a bug. We were told to keep an eye on his temperature continue with tylenol and monitor his breathing as well as change him to a clear diet. The next day Cam was better able to get around and play but still had no appetite. The pediatrician checked him the next day giving me antibiotics, because his ears looked pink but not red just a precaution to avoid the ear infections. Also, she said his molars were swollen so they might be adding to his discomfort. He was close to normal by Wednesday more Thursday because his appetite returned to the normal picky baby during meal times.

We don’t have an echo scheduled until the end of this month but the results from the last test came back good. The pediatric cardiologist even lowered the dose for sildenafil which Cam was taking for pulmonary hypertension from 4ml @8 hours to 3ml. The plan is to lower it every week by 1ml until we are out and it should be right around the time of our next appointment with him. We were told to watch his breathing rate as we ween him off this medicine due to the history of pleural effusions. In my opinion I really feel that we are past all that for now (knock on wood) and he really doesn’t use this medicine anymore anyway.

Cam is officially a walking man getting around great occasionally crawling. It’s adorable watching him just wondering around the house making laps around the kitchen practicing his walk. He is also testing his strength by lifting huge toys walking them around attempting to put them up on the furniture. We are so proud and thrilled at how well Cam is doing ecstatic for him to conquer this milestone.

Cameron had another proud moment last month as he was a heart ambassador for a local heart family for beautiful baby girl Graycen. Their website is