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Bandit’s Probation

31 Jul

Ole Bandit’s been on probation. While on probation Bandit has to keep his restrictor plate on. The Smokey’s have his ventilator rigged to where if you tamper with the restrictor plate, alarms will go off. As Bandits crew chief, partner in crime, and publicist, I can say that hasn’t stopped us from bending the rules a little. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there. We’re trying to do what they say can’t be done. Bandit wants to break the world speed record down Recovery Rd., but besides his restrictor plate another big obstacle facing Bandit is refueling. That’s right taking a bottle is what the Smokey’s anticipate will slow the Bandit down, and keep him from getting home in record time. Bandit completes his probation sometime tomorrow and the Smokey’s will be removing his restrictor plate. Mandy and I, as well as his fans are very excited. Ole Bandit has a few tricks up his sleeve to help him accelerate quickly. He’s been training and watching film footage to stay on pace for his world record attempt. Bandit enjoys boxing for his cardio workout. Some of his training includes the use of top secret, prototype parts that I custom fabricated just for Bandit. They allow him to practice sucking on a nipple even though he is intubated. Ssssshhhhhh don’t tell the Smokey’s.

Here are some pics and video of Bandit training.

Any of you inventors out there don’t get any ideas. I have patents in the works for many different ventilator pacifier designs.

Please keep the prayers coming for Cameron and Tripp!!!








Happy Birthday Daddy!

29 Jul

Mommy and Cameron want to wish Daddy a Happy Golden Birthday! Nick has been so amazing to the both of us with his positive attitude, sharp eye and creative posts. We can hardly hold back the tears of love we have for you!

Happy Birthday Husband and Daddy with infinite love Mandy and Cam 
Puddin Pop and Brownie too…




The Great Camdini

28 Jul

The Great Camdini has been mystifying and wowing audiences all across the CICU with his daring escapes and unbelievable magic tricks. Camdini is the consummate illusionist who is always raising the bar and pushing himself to new heights. His bag of tricks is constantly growing which leaves audiences on the edge of there seats wondering what will Camdini do next. Camdini is the master of sleight of hand magic. For The Great Camdini’s first trick, he has one of his beautiful assistants administer a paralytic. While completely paralyzed Camdini is able to remove his socks without anyone noticing. Now that he has his audiences attention is when Camdini’s true showman ship emerges. The Great Camdini’s second trick is his most harrowing and one he is most famous for. Camdini has his beautiful assistant tightly swaddle him in a tear resistant, machine woven, 350 thread count, Egyptian cotton blanket. (I think these are the same blankets bullet proof vests and shark suits are made of). Camdini is wrapped so tightly not only do you think he is being suffocated, but you realize there is zero possibility of escape. After several minutes of intense concentration and methodical movements with no escape the audience believes Camdini is doomed. Woman have been seen fainting, children crying, men holding there breath for minutes, stalkers repeatedly clicking refresh… Just when all hope seems lost, a tiny hand appears, then another, then an arm, until The Great Camdini is free from the swaddles of peril… Camdini has been adding some disappearing and reappearing acts to his repertoire. One of which you may have read of in other news. Camdini made his ventilator disappear and to his fans sadness reappear a short time later. Though he has made several medications disappear for good it seems. Another of these is in regards to his chest tubes. He recently made all three disappear, but he made one reappear this morning. This one came in the form of a very small drainage tube in his left flank to drain away some fluid building around one of his lungs. We believe Camdini made this tube appear to have a better chance at making the ventilator disappear for good. My personal favorite of Camdini’s tricks is an appearing act he performs. It’s starts with one of his beautiful assistants opening his magic pants to reveal nothing out of the ordinary, before closing them back up. The trick ends a short time later when the beautiful assistant opens his magic pants to find The Great Camdini has made a mysterious foul smelling brown goo appear. The crowd erupts screaming ENCORE…ENCORE…

Stay tuned for more tricks as The Great Camdini is constantly changing up his routine.

Please keep the prayers flowing for Cameron and Tripp!!!

Here of some pics of The Great Camdini performing.
(disclaimer: some of the pictures are from some of Camdini’s previous shows.)






Smokey And The Bandit…

26 Jul

Cameron aka “The Bandit” has been blowing stop signs and breaking the speed limit down Recovery Rd. Just in the last two days “Smokey” aka the doctors, have reported that all of Bandit’s chest tubes have been removed. As well as his central line that was in his right groin and his NJ and NG tube. The Smokey’s have an attachment out for Bandit for a noise violation. They claim he plays his music too loud. Bandit has a growing fan club of hot nurses and respiratory therapists. The Bandits latest exploits have attracted a lot of attention. The reports are that as of 11:10am Tuesday morning the Bandit was extubated. That’s right he was off the ventilator… With the restrictor plate removed Bandit was seen flying east bound and down on Recovery Rd. The Smokey’s were in hot pursuit, and the Bandit was running out of fuel. At 6:00pm Bandit was pulled over, much to our, and his fans dismay. The Smokey’s cited Bandit for speeding and put his restrictor plate back on. That’s right, Bandit is back on the ventilator. Mandy and I, as well as his fan club were pulling for him to get away… In the end after Smokey wrote the ticket Bandit gave us all a wink, and as soon as the Smokey’s were out of sight Bandit was seen dropping the hammer and shifting gears. This won’t be the last time you here of Ole Bandit…

Cam was extubated earlier. Aside from being really fussy due to his sore irritated throat he was happy. Cam was breathing great and oxygenating really well. His problem was he was not exhaling all of the CO2. This was creating a buildup of CO2 and would have caused him to be acidotic. It is not uncommon at all for babies to be re-intubated, especially this soon after what he has been through. The doctors and nurses plan on reinstalling his NJ and NG tubes to start his feeds again tomorrow. They want him to build up his strength for a few days before they try and extubate again. It was really hard on Mandy and I to see Cam go back on the vent, even though we know it is for his own good. We are so proud of how far he has come, and it hurts us to see him miserable with that tube back down his throat. We never thought we would be this physically and emotionally exhausted. We never took for granted our weekends or days off, but when dealing with a sick kid there are no breaks. This becomes your life and we wouldn’t change one second of it.

Please keep the prayers coming for Cameron and Tripp.

Here’s a few pics of the Bandit In action…








Cameron In The Lion’s Den…

24 Jul

The Lord works in mysterious ways… If you weren’t a believer this might convert you. If you are a believer this will renew your faith. There was a series of events yesterday that played out in such a way, that if any one varied this might be a very different post.

Cameron had a great Friday night. I was awaken early Saturday morning by a call from Cam’s nurse. This was a scary call to wake up to. The nurse quickly let me know Cam was alright, but they needed to remove one of his chest tubes. They noticed while doing an X-ray that the tube had shifted into a bad position and needed to be removed. They warned us that it might need to be put back in, if fluid starts to build back up around his heart and lung. When Mandy and I got to Cam’s room Saturday morning we also noticed he had been completely weened off of the nitric oxide. His vitals still looked great. We were happy to see Cam doing well with less support. The day progressed with Cam still doing well. The nurses did the normal routine of changing Cams meds. and fluids. They also introduced a new medicine to help him come down from the pain meds. he was on.

At lunch I told Mandy she needed a break from all of this, and suggested she take her grandmother to Bingo tonight during shift change, since we couldn’t be in the room with Cam anyway. She put up a fight, but eventually agreed to go to Bingo. Later in the day we noticed Cams vitals dropping slightly, but still looking good. Mandy went off to Bingo and I went back to the camper to eat dinner and relax till shift change was over. I opened the fridge to get my dinner out and grab a beer. I was disappointed to see I was out of beer. What a Bummer. I don’t drink much here, but occasionally I will have a few beers with dinner. Oh well… After my meal I opened up a bible verse app on my phone and read a few verses. One verse stood out and I read it a few times.

[1Peter5:8 Be ALERT and of SOBER mind. Your enemy the DEVIL prowls around like a roaring LION looking for someone to DEVOUR.]

I thought to myself briefly; maybe its a good thing I was out of beer. When shift change ended I returned to Cam’s bedside while Mandy was finishing up Bingo. My mother was on her way to the hospital to visit with me and Cam, when she felt she should turn around and go home to give us some space. I noticed Cam’s vitals were steadily declining, and not looking so good anymore. The nurses attributed this to the lack of nitric oxide as well as the additional medicine to help with coming off of the pain meds. As well as a slight chance of some fluid building around the other lung where his chest tube had been removed earlier. These were rational explanations that made sense, and might only require time to recover from these changes. I was praying for Cam’s vitals to come up, and I was staring at the pump and syringe that delivers Cameron’s formula. I always watch the nurses program the doses and double check the pumps that deliver the meds. for the right dose. These pumps are extremely accurate and can precisely deliver even the smallest dose. While staring at the pump that delivers the formula I started thinking of the mechanics of the pump and how it worked. I noticed even when the size of the syringe would change the rate setting on the pump stayed the same. I determined the pump used a caliper to automatically adjust for whatever size syringe is put into it, to deliver the right dose. This is something these pumps do automatically and is not a setting that is controlled or programmed by the nurses. After figuring this out I started checking the rest of the pumps. All the rates and doses were right except one pump showed there was a larger syringe in it then there actually was. I know I was just rambling, but I want you to realize how small the chances of this being noticed by anyone, let alone a construction worker. This was Cam’s most important heart medication which can have serious adverse affects if not administered or weened properly. The pump showed he was receiving the correct dose of .7 when he was actually receiving 1/3 less than that due to the pump calculating the wrong size syringe. The actual dose he was getting was .4666 do you notice that dose number. The mark of the beast. The lion coming to devour Cameron. I alerted the nurse to this pump issue. This is not something they know to look for because these pumps do it automatically. It took me a while to explain how I thought the pumps worked, and get her to test my theory on another pump. Once it seemed I was right she hit the pump in question a few times and all of a sudden it read the correct syringe size and started delivering the correct dose. All of this took a lot out of Cameron, but his numbers are slowly coming back to where they were.

Now if Mandy would not have gone to Bingo, or if my mother would have come to visit and not turned around while en-route, or if I would have had a few beers to drink, or if I hadn’t read and taken particular notice to that bible verse. I would have had a distraction. I would have not been ALERT or of SOBER mind and would have never caught the problem with the pump. Since the pump was reading the correct dose/rate and the syringe size is something they don’t calculate, I don’t think any of the doctors or nurses would have caught it. It appeared Cam was getting the correct dose. His decline would have been attributed to the removal of the chest tube and nitric oxide as well as the addition of the other medicine.

The Lord works in mysterious ways… The only lion that’s going to touch Cameron is one of his toys, unless he becomes a zookeeper or a magician or some other weird profession involving big cats, but that will be up to him.

Please keep the prayers coming for Cam and Tripp.





Ticklin Cam’s Jejunum…

22 Jul

Our boy is growing up so fast. It felt like just yesterday we were reading him bedtime stories; and this morning we come in to find pretty girls in nurses outfits tickling his Jejunum. THAT’S MY BOY!!! All jokes aside the nurses put an NJ tube in Cam’s other nostril this morning. This tube goes into his Jejunum (intestines). They started feeding Cameron, Pedialite, then formula through this tube to stimulate (tickle) his intestines and give him additional calories and nourishment. Aside from another tube going down his nose this is awesome. They started weening his nitric oxide as well. This is another small step toward extubation. Dr. Caspi thinks if he stays on course they will extubate Cam next week. This would make Cameron as well as mommy and daddy very happy, and make for better pictures for you stalkers out there. The doctors and nurses have continued to be impressed with Cameron, and his amazing recovery. Please keep the prayers coming for Cam and Tripp. We are witnessing the power of prayer through Cameron. Thank you.





Another family in much need of prayers

21 Jul

Please pray for Tripp and his mother Courtney. They are amazing people, enduring an unfathomable hardship. Courtney and Tripp’s strength is everlasting, and their faith is inspiring. This is their story, their life.