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Soothing Sounds Request

27 Sep

Video of Cam’s soothing sounds giraffe and sleep sheep… Enjoy!


Pediatrician Appointment

25 Sep

We had Cam’s second Pediatrician appointment where we discussed the ER visit (see post below) and immunization shots. We have a very slow and drawn out plan compared to the ‘norm’ because they have to consider what his heart can handle now and between surgeries. Also, they don’t want him getting a shot then going into surgery where blood transfusions are possible and/or necessary because it could make him lose the shot and it’s purpose. He did get his first shot and was so upset about the hole in his leg but Momma came up with a comforting technique the newest Zumba inspired dance called Cam’s Rocking Chair Jive. The move involves slow and methodical lunges and rocking in position similar to the movement of his rocking chair at home in his peaceful jungle room. For background music… Mom’s pitiful attempt to hum dum his soothing sounds giraffe and sleep sheep songs. Mom regretfully left the real deals at home by accident and plans NEVER to do again. Also, I downloaded some new songs to my iPhone for him and plan on playing them often for him so we can travel better with his music selection.

Do doo doo doot doo doo doot dah dah grunt (like a giraffe) and repeat at a fast pace…

The whale is more slow and pitchy moorp moorp moorp (pause) mourp maarp maarp…

What we won’t do to calm these babies ya gotta laugh at yourself but know it’s all in the name of love and I’m not one to hold back for this adorable sweet little man!











1st E.R. Visit

22 Sep

Cameron is home and he is fine just to start things off, I’m rocking him in the chair as I type now. His shunt which is helping his heart function requires him to be hydrated so it does not close. Yesterday Cam had 7 bowel movements by the afternoon and normally he only has one a day if we’re lucky so it set us on high alert, because he could easily dehydrate that way. However, he was still eating regularly and we were monitoring his hydration with the feeds. It wasn’t until his 6pm feed where he threw up his full meal that we agreed to pack bags and head to the Emergency Room at Children’s. Yes it was terrifying we were extremely concerned for him with his heart condition. We were warned that if he misses two feeds in a row to go to the hospital immediately for fluids, but we left at this point better to be safe at the hospital with the cardiac unit and specialty surgeons. We checked in the ER with special direct instructions acknowledging he is a heart baby with a shunt and he cannot be dehydrated. They gave him iv fluids and had us feed him enfalyte as his next meal to be sure he is well hydrated. We were only there a few hours they did blood work to check his levels and they came back ok. He took and held down a feed while we waited as well as the enfalyte feed and iv fluids so we were comfortable with leaving the hospital at the point. He took another feed on the drive home just to make us feel better too. I have to admit I had a horrible experience with them just putting a small but not tiny iv line in his foot. I was in a panic all ready and then he screamed over the iv like never before my emotions were unmeasurable! I honestly know this is not the roughest or by far most traumatic thing we have seen him handle or have to prepare for with the next surgeries. However, it was truly painful for me to see, hear and let them do to my baby even with the medical need and especially since he was so alert. Anyway it was a long night but we are home with Cam and he is doing good. Thank you for those continued prayers we certainly used them last night.






Cam’s Room

19 Sep

I’m not sure that I’ve posted pictures of Cam’s room but here are a few to get a closer look at his surroundings enjoy!

Crib which he does not get too much time in because he’s either in the cosleeper or in our arms. Changing table and dresser which are full to the brim of beautiful or should I say handsome clothes and warm blankets thanks to many of your thoughtful gifts. The rocking chair along side is his giraffe stand from Great Grandma Galiano for holding bottles and iphones etc, and on the other side his bins of toys, books and stuffed animals also many of which were delightful gifts. The walls are decorated with Nick’s homemade stamps of leaves and a giant sticker mural he found that is just incredible. Cam loves to stare at his mural it’s really colorful and very detailed for a wall painting. Lastly, the Lion rug which we just started laying the playmat on for funtime and I will post soon. I’m going to leave his over stuffed closet out of the pictures just know it’s also packed with y’alls generous gifts too. Not to mention the overflow in the guest room of toys and baby items will also stay out of sight, but we definitely appreciate everyone’s kindness and wanted to share Cam’s things with all of you wonderful fans.








Homelife Update

16 Sep

I apologize for the slower postings, there really has not been too much but a lot going on here just a UNpredictable schedule of diapers, meds, feeds, playtime, home health visits and if we are real lucky sleep! Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Crusty (Tricia Mogg) have been trying to learn Cam’s signals for what he wants>>> bottle, another or more bottle, a fresh warm bottle, diaper, another diaper, rocking chair, sleep or mylicon for his gas gas gas. Also, sometimes if I feel like he is looking for other visual stimulation I’ll put him in front of the tv; because he will be awake fed with a clean diaper and doesn’t want to read, rock or sleep and is still just fussy.

What’s the unpredictable schedule?:

Meds are 2@8am; 2@9am; 1@4pm; 1@8pm; 2@9pm; 1@12am. Meds are given by mouth measured with syringes and he takes most of them like a big boy without problems. Some meds we had the pharmacy add syrup and another we use apple juice with so he won’t spit it out due to the bad taste. Cam enjoys the mylicon it smells and tastes like bubble gum we give it to him occasionally for his gas when we hear it rip. We have been using the suction bulb for snot and booger removal. He hates the suction bulb and gives me tears sometimes because he’s so upset with me; but it’s to help him breathe better as we have to be careful he is not stressing all day with his respiration. We take his temperature under the arm and even though it’s the least invasive thing done to him he still doesn’t care for it, I guess because it’s a sensitive tickle spot.

Feeds are suppose to be every 3 hours with 65ml starting @9am but sometimes he takes more than that amount or he snacks on a half a bottle. We really cannot have him too fussy because of his current condition with the shunt so the snacks are ok for now. It’s really whenever he’s hungry and we can’t console or distract him until he’s really hungry for a full bottle. Also, he must wake up for certain feeds during bedtime to keep him hydrated and it’s okay if he sleeps through the bottle as long as he takes some fluids.

Diapers are all day with the wet ones but it’s the dirty or poopy ones we are really concerned with on a daily basis because he has not been too consistent. I’d like to thank everyone who gave us diapers for gifts because oh man we are going through them all day long.

Activities I consider for Cam are tv time, bath time, rocking chair time, story time or things he does while awake. These have been the best picture times however some are hard to catch but we try our best. Also, Home Health comes by 3 times a week for general vitals: blood pressure, temperature, weight, oxygen saturation, respiration, pulse etc. He made 10 lbs this week the little tub tub!

Sleep time well all of you incredible parents out there know this is a time when we try our hardest to catch our own broken sleep or for me right now posting the updates and/or just watching him breathe. Can I tell you I’ve been a wreck many a days because Cam still isn’t on the best of schedules with his sleeping routine. Oh yeah he still likes to pull all nighters and just hang out with Momma wide awake and looking for attention without sympathy or understanding that’s its 2,3,4,5am. It’s funny but not funny because he waits for the crack of dawn to shine through the windows or Daddy’s alarm clock to go off to take his nap or call it his bedtime.

I have to tell you we are enjoying these glorious moments with Cam come sleep or whine he’s an amazing baby boy and we are in total awe of his strength, happiness and journey. He’s just adorable and whether or not that’s a Mommy opinion I just can’t get enough of staring at him weird or not for both health reasons and enjoyment. Also, I maybe holding him a bit more than I should spoiling him but I really feel like he needs the extra love after everything as well as making up for lost baby time and that’s my story and I’m stickin to it. Have a wonderful weekend and good night/day/afternoon to you terrific Cam fans checking in on our little man.







Weekend Pics… Enjoy

11 Sep











9 Sep