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December 2013

14 Jan

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Our holidays were amazing with Cam, it was most enjoyable to spoil him. The previous post was all Disney pictures and now we have passed the Christmas event so there are more pictures of course. We have been enjoying Cam ever so much he is a doll! We all had a little stomach virus and we were concerned with dehydration for Cam but it passed after a day or so and he handled it like a champ. We have a Cardiology appointment in February and I’ll post after we do that visit. Cam is 28 pounds light only taking a milk cup for bed time which is full pediasure. We try to stuff Cam with any food he will put in his mouth to help with weight goals and definitely has his favorites like Mac n cheese and mash potatoes.

Anyway we went all out on his favorite subject Monster Trucks and Santa did some hard work for this good little boy. Every time we asked Cam what do you want for Christmas he would reply ‘Puppy dog Dalmatian monster truck with the tongue’ and he wanted a ‘big big one’ holding his hand open. There is a Monster Jam brand character that’s a big truck built to look like a Dalmatian.

Christmas Day Nick, Cam and I woke up to find Santa’s cookies and milk eaten along with carrots for the reindeer chewed up on the table. We immediately we went to the tree where Santa had left many many individual wrapped presents with Cam’s name on them. After opening the first present which was a new monster truck character (a cool one but not the Dalmatian) Cam seemed confused. We opened the second one and he slapped the box. ‘That’s not puppy dog monster truck’ he said sad and angry. Daddy reassured him Santa could have put it in the pile of presents pointing under the tree, maybe Santa was saving it for last. After the third present was opened and it was not puppy dog monster truck Cam had a meltdown. I’m sorry but the only way to describe the sad tears in his eyes is heart breaking, he came running to Mommy crying that Santa let him down. We decided to bring him in his room where the big surprise was waiting. Santa changed his jungle safari room into full Monster jam prints. There were new curtains, bedding and a play rug as well as a giant fat head sticker with guess who… Puppy dog Dalmatian monster truck and Louisiana’s grave digger character racing across his wall. There were also a few Dalmatian monster truck toys that Santa knew he asked for from the start. As Cam sniffles away his sadness and realized how cool the new room was Christmas was saved thank goodness Santa is awesome!

A very Happy New Year to all, we celebrated at home with some wonderful neighbors. We got Cam the kid favorite fireworks party poppers, snappers, chickens, turtles, tanks, snakes, pandas, lady bugs, parachute guys and sparklers. The stinky smoke bombs was his favorite because Daddy let him throw them. We even had a monster truck fire work just for Cam! On another fun note: Cam wanted to try out this bungie cord ride at the mall and l-o-v-e-d it! Said he was spider man as they sling shot him out into the air. It was hilarious fun watching him squeal joy stopping everyone at the mall to see what was so fun and entertaining!