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Admitted to Children’s

31 Oct

Cameron was admitted to Children’s Hospital New Orleans today on Halloween and will remain until his surgery date for the Glenn November 3rd. They will monitor him while he is taken off the aspirin until the surgery. We stopped giving him aspirin today but they gave him a shot with a new medicine that is similar to aspirin in his belly. (Fyi: Mommy did not like him getting a shot in his belly and neither did Cam as he woke up with a sad cry.) They can discontinue this new med right before surgery. Cameron was a little fussy towards the end of his admitting process because we woke him up early and there was a lot to do. They got his weight, blood pressure, height, head size, temperature; and they sent us across the hospital to get his ekg and xray. It’s been a long day for this little man but Momma got him some new baby toys to enjoy when he gets up from his nap. Cam has some idea that he is not home and is off his normal schedule with me so he is a little fussy about that too. Also, he is tagged with these 3 leads for them to monitor his numbers but I can tell you it’s aggravating to tug around while holding him. Anyway Cam came into the hospital with his Emergency Room Doctor costume enjoy the pics. I will post more of his 4 month portraits taken after we get the copies.










The 2nd Surgery – The Glenn

27 Oct

Cameron will be having his 2nd major open heart surgery Thursday, November 3rd which is next week the procedure is called the Glenn. We will be admitted to Children’s on Monday, October 31st (Halloween) for observation since they need to let the aspirin come out of his system for the surgery. Any news we have will be posted to the website as soon as we have a moment. We know there are many of you concerned for Cam and need to know how things are going for him. We hope and pray for a successful procedure as well as speedy recovery for our Cameron aka the Bandit from these Doctors aka the Smokeys.

If anyone would like to donate blood for Cameron’s surgery you can go to any Blood Center location in this attachment – TBC Donor Centers. You must state at the time of donation “Replacement for Cameron Mogg'” for proper handling. If you have any questions you can visit their website at for further details. We would like to recognize the many generous people who have donated already for Cameron THANK YOU! If you would like post a comment to show who you are below please do as we plan on showing this website to Cam someday so he can see the amount of love and care went to his cause.


Tummy Time

26 Oct

Happy 4 Months Old Cameron!

23 Oct

We did get Cam just a few things to celebrate 4 months which included Mickey Mouse and a new toy car. We also picked up this wooden egg with an Archer carved in it from a shop in Covington the artist even signed it for us ‘To Cameron Archer’









The Results

21 Oct

Greetings Cam’s Family, Friends, Fans, and Stalkers. Cameron had a Cardiac Cath done this week but they didn’t insert a stent as previously suggested. Instead we are now able to announce his 2nd open heart major surgery is scheduled for November 3rd. The procedure is called the Glenn and we will be admitted on Halloween October 31. This will make him a stronger boy and after his recovery it may be possible to safely introduce him to more of his surroundings, we may even hire a part time nanny to come once or twice a week during the day to help me out.

Now why have we been so busy after the cath well let’s just say it was hard on Cam. Cam was enjoying his full meals of grape pedialyte early Wednesday morning but little did he know there was pain to follow. They poked him a few too many times (if you ask me) in his hands trying to find a vein, and they tried his left leg but couldn’t use it so they went with his right leg and neck for the cath. The doctor came out and gave us a picture of his shunt with the measurements they were looking for with this procedure. They didn’t want to do the stent because it would be in the way of the next surgery.

Cam was very upset when we were able to get to him after the procedure. He still had an iv line in his arm which was making him mad because he usually sucks on his hands. They had to cover it with a diaper so he wouldn’t put it to his mouth, and it looked like a oversized boxing glove. Cam would get even more mad when he couldn’t see his hand at all and started slamming it all over like a club. We were having trouble keeping him calm so they gave him a small amount of versed which messed with his oxygen saturation levels because he was too calm. The doctor was so concerned they put a nasal canula on him immediately giving him oxygen. Also, the doctor suggested if his numbers did not improve and hold then we would have to stay in the hospital until the next surgery. Omg none of us wanted that by any means, we spent enough time there already and we still have more hours to log with his upcoming surgeries. Anyway when the sedation wore off he stabilized and they ran all sorts of tests then we were discharged; but we have to be extremely careful with his oxygen saturation levels.

Another issue we ran into was that he enjoyed the full meals of grape pedialyte WAY TOO MUCH he would fuss out of control over regular meal time. They suggested we could change his formula from the expensive special gross Enfaport (Since we only really needed it for after his surgery because of the fat content.) to this new type of Enfamil. However, the hospital gave us the ready to use 24 calorie nursette bottles. These are special order expensive worse than Enfaport hard to get ridiculousness. We were given a list of all types of Enfamil formula to try so we went with one made bottles and 3am Cam won’t take the new type, won’t take the old Enfaport and I had to use the few samples we were given of the ready to use 24 calorie nursettes. Luckily Enfamil customer service was able to point us in the right direction with a similar type of formula mostly for flavor so he is eating full 100 bottles now.  He had never taken the full feeds before and now takes them like a champ, go Cam.  Only eating pedialyte was not going to work because he needs to grow bigger in size before the next surgery as it would be better for him. However, that little stinker managed to get a few more pedialyte feeds out of us before the switch. You can just see his gleaming smile in the last picture below like ha ha I gotcha to give me the good stuff!

















Cardiac Cath

20 Oct

Cameron had his Cardiac Cath yesterday he is in icu now pretty grumpy. We will post more details later right now we are doing our best to console him.









Pumpkin Man

18 Oct