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9 Months Old – Portraits

24 Apr

Cameron had his doctor appointment yesterday morning at Chnola. Cam had an X-ray which they said showed no fluid. They want us to come back for one more visit Monday then we will be released from this latest pleural effusion issue. We are still on fluid restriction but he can now have some low fat baby formula enfaport introduced to his diet which is a great step towards a regular diet. He can have half tolerex and half enfaport now then later all enfaport just so we take it slow. After awhile of enfaport if there are no signs of trouble we can then move forward to regular baby formula. We are still only allowed baby food with zero fat continuing with a menu of fruits and veggies – favorite is squash. Also, we have an appointment with his regular cardiologist next Thursday. Cam is doing so great and we are hoping this is it for his Glenn surgery aftermath.

Please enjoy Cam’s 9 month old portrait pictures I just couldn’t help myself posting these adorable photos! You can really see he enjoyed being in that bathing suit exposing his chest and those battle wounds… what a truly strong little man!


















Another Weekend Home

10 Apr

Cameron had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and he is still chest tubeless which is always great! We had a check up X-ray Monday and they cleared us for two weeks unless we see any reason to come back sooner. It seems like this round went so fast as devastating as it was to have it happen again. Cam is truly an amazing little man to go through all of it and come out smiling and trailing down his own road to recovery full speed, we are just so very proud of him.

Cam is still on fluid restrictions of 875cc daily now allowed with 3 jars of baby food at 4oz which makes a huge difference in our day. The baby food must be zero total fat and you have to watch the serving sizes carefully. We are going through veggies now squash being his favorite, not so much carrots and yummy fruits are to follow. He is still on Tolerex formula and if things continue to look good without anymore pleural effusion issues maybe in a few weeks he can be introduce to a real baby formula low fat of course like enfaport. Sleeping habits are improving with being home and having baby food to help with the feed limitations but some days are good and others are a struggle with late night feeds. We had a regular pediatrician appointment for a vaccination and a PKU test last week. We are still on a slow schedule with his vaccinations. The PKU test is a repeat since he had a blood transfusion for his last surgery. Also, we have another hearing and vision appointment later this week. Cam’s current medications are aspirin, lasixs, enalapril, sildenafil and zantac. I think that’s it… if there’s any other questions just leave a comment and I’ll try to put it in the next post. We do see all of the comments and really appreciate the support and prayers.

Cam is attempting to lean forward to grab toys almost crawling but tummy time is lacking, however he enjoys standing and trying to walk. I can hold his hands and he will go along with me but in his own direction. He has also started to jibber jabber which is adorable and I’m sure we will be having conversations soon enough. The Easter bunny was very thoughtful and brought many nice gifts (from the family) we are thankful for all of them. The bunny brought a baby pool to the Hannan’s which was super fun to see him be a baby enjoying the moment splashing around carefree. Enjoy!!!
















Cameron is tubeless again!

2 Apr

Cameron got his latest chest tube out his right side Friday and our check up this morning went great. We aren’t due back until next Monday for X-ray which is awesome compared to twice or three times a week. We are excited to have this chest tube round over and hoping with all our might that it’s the last time… Yes we had a talk with Cam about all this and we think he’s over it too. Thanks for the continued support and prayers this was an extremely speedy recovery!

Cameron has been enjoying all of our walks, wagon rides and of course his bike rides. We even got to see Abita park’s water fountain in action which was so exciting and he was pretty jealous of the other kids running around but really enjoyed the day. Cam has learned to make a new noise and face much like someone blowing a kiss but so funny and sweet! Cam is really doing well for everything he’s been through and we are so grateful for every moment!