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March 2013

3 Apr

Greetings… Cameron is doing great! Again, I will continue to post monthly on this page for those who would like to follow him and a personal Baby Mogg journal or timeline. I am constantly getting requests for updates and don’t realize how much faster time passes when your having fun. Cameron is truly blossoming a walking/running doll and really belting out words some two-three word sentences. He now refers to himself as Cameron in pictures and in daily requests. He is getting fairly verbal with his demands like (Momma/Dada ‘get’ or more frequently ‘help’) (‘come on’ with a gentle hand wave) and (our favorite ‘here ya go’ when he is giving or best taking something from you). I’m trying to give him ways to say he’s sad or upset (to prepare us all) like when we got his last rsv shot he picked up on ‘I know’ from me. Unfortunately, DaDa has taught Cameron to say ‘Mean Mama’ and he really knows when to use it – really hurts my feelings because I know he’s upset.

Cameron has had a few sick days which we thought were allergies or a cold. However, the last pediatric visit ended with two ear infections and a round of antibiotics. The Ent visit will be scheduled soon and it will only be an evaluation to see if he will need tubes in his ears (ugh more doctor visits). We will also need to schedule the cardiologist visit soon. They requested a sedated echo to see how his heart is coming along so we are waiting until the end of flu season for that appointment. He is still on the bottle with half pediasure and half whole milk. We are working on three meals a day and snacks but he is persistent over the ba ba. I’m over fighting him and really just going to wait until he’s ready, I don’t feel like it’s worth me stressing his heart out. Medicine is the same aspirin, Enalipril and multivitamin.

Cameron had an amazing Easter weekend at the Hannan’s Camp in Mississippi. He enjoyed the golf cart rides as well as the fast boat ride. There was an adorable ‘wee’ during these activities, it was a wonderful time. We also visited a local alligator farm which was exciting along with many other new outings! Yea this kid gets around and its all very sweet to experience especially with all that has past. Again, we are so grateful and appreciative for all the continued support and prayers. Thank you!!!