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Heart Walk

11 Dec

Wow another month has come and gone, the holidays are flying by us! I am trying to post at least once a month if Cam has any activities to keep a journal for him and his stalkers. We had a few doctor appointments for vaccinations, his first rsv shot of the season and a rattling cough.

We did a heart walk in Audubon Park last month, it felt really good to support such a great cause. Cam took the wagon around and he must have thought it was a parade because he kept throwing his toys out the side. Anyway the event was extremely nice and there were several groups with matching T-shirts showing their support for special heart individuals and angels of all ages some for babies, children and adults. Cam got a super hero cape since he is a heart warrior and he wore it like a champion!

Thanksgiving was great at my Uncle Joe’s Camp in Slidell. Cam enjoyed the beautiful weather tossing rocks in the water, playing pool (throwing the billiard balls around the room) and watching the football games with Daddy on the couch. Another weekend Daddy took us to the wildlife center in Folsom which was most exciting. Cam loves to feed things animals and toys, he puts his fingers out pinched as if he has food then makes the cutest smacking sound with his mouth.

We recently went to the Covington Christmas fair where Cam got to explore an awesome petting zoo which he loved! He did amazing with the animals and was super excited about the pony ride, a real joy to see him so happy! We started elf on the shelf with Sparky but it hasn’t yet made an impression. Also, while getting ready for Christmas we got a real tree and put it up with decorations and all. However, after this cough came around Mommy dragged that tree out the house and took it all down worried it was allergies. Very sad but hoping it will help this cough go away, we can always get a fake tree.

I brought him to the Pediatrician because he started this horrible rattling cough that would take his breath away. We were super concerned it was a cold or flu but I haven’t seen a fever yet. He had just gotten the first rsv shot of the season and not long ago a flu shot too. The Doctor said it sounds like a sinus drip from allergies not flu since I haven’t seen a fever on him. We are giving him a zpack just to cover our bases and I have done a few vapor and steam showers before bedtime. I haven’t ventured to the nose sucker bulb thing but have considered it. He tends to cough the worst at the beginning of bed time. It’s hard to get to sleep frustrating him through the night waking him up to cough and gets me alarmed in the am. Anyway hoping it clears up soon it sounds painful when he coughs and makes me freak about his breathing and lungs in general.

Miraculously Early Steps has approved Cameron for Speech Therapy once a week for an hour. We are excited Cam will get help as of now he doesn’t have much of a verbal vocabulary. Cam knows what we are saying and will sometimes mimic our responses but he hasn’t picked up clear words or phrases to express himself. Our goal is to get him to say words and get his needs met through communication. I’m not trying to force things only ask that he get help where needed by professionals. I’m confident he will master this task with time.

On a fun note Cam loves his action sounds like when he throws a car in the cup, we say ‘boom’! Also, Daddy threw a Ninja toy and said ‘high ya’ which sent Cameron off to repeat him, so hilarious! He does have a few favorites like car car, ball and no. I’m sure it will just take some time for him to find more words to use while he works at playing all day, a very hard schedule to follow.

A very special happy 1st birthday to Olivia a fellow Hlhs warrior!