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March 2014

4 Apr

March was a very busy month we made it to two monster truck shows, a motorcycle show, a dog parade, a St. Patricks day parade and the heart walk in Mandeville with a crawfish boil. Things are looking good with Cam I have asked about the date for his up coming surgery this summer, and all they said was we will need a cath done a month before then they will use that information to make the plans from that point. We are pretty much expecting the sedated cath be in June then scheduling the open heart surgery, Fontan procedure, in July or August 2014. Cam is really just a doll getting into Super heros, board games and just the adorable kid stuff.

The Cameron Monster Truck TShirts looked great at the heart walk. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the event supporting our heart hero! There is an order open until April 14th for anyone who wants a Cameron Monster Truck TShirt. You can order and pay at the website below, they will be delivered to you after it closes. If you have any questions just email me at