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Blood Drive for Baby Mogg (Sunday, June 12th)

30 May

Blood Drive for Baby Mogg will take place Sunday, June 12th from 10:30am – 3:30pm.

There will be a Bloodmobile at Bay Cafe 5036 W. Esplanade, Metairie LA (in the strip mall {Continental Plaza} corner of W. Esplanade and Transcontinental – also houses Robert’s Grocery Store).  We need 50 sign ups to cover the event.  If you would like to sign up please email us your name and phone number to or contact Mandy Pembo at 504-222-1849 or  Walk-ins are also welcomed but if you would like to reserve a time just let us know.  Please know this is the same day as the Car Show and Crawfish Boil so stay and enjoy the food, fun and friends!

We appreciate everyone’s support and consideration for this event!!!

We Need Blood Donations

19 May

In order for Baby Mogg’s three cardiac surgeries to take place, blood components must be in place in advance.  You can help the family by donating blood and specifying that it is on the baby’s behalf.  Click here or on the picture below for more details.  Here is a list of blood donation centers and of the requirements to donate blood.

Thanks in advance to all of you who are able to donate on Baby Mogg’s behalf!

When you donate blood please state

at the time of donation

“Replacement for Baby Mogg”

Flock your friends!

16 May

We’ve got a new way to support Baby Mogg while having a little fun at the same time.  You can now flock your friends and have pink flamingos planted in their front yards and gardens for a small donation!  The flock can be removed from the yard and moved to another yard for an additional donation.

Help us raise money for Baby Mogg and keep this flock of flamingos moving around town.  For additional information or to have someone flocked, email

It’s only $5 per bird (plus a one-time $5 “flocking fee”) to have a friend flocked.  You can also purchase flocking insurance for an additional $10 to ensure that you can’t be flocked back.

Cars and Crawfish, Sunday June 12th

10 May

To download a copy of this flyer for printing, click here.

Our Fabulous Webmasters

9 May

We wanted to give a shout out to I.T. by Design who kindly donated this website setup and hosting.  We wouldn’t be able to get the word out about Baby Mogg’s story without them.

You can visit their site here or like them on facebook by clicking here.

I’m Going to Be A Grandmother!

5 May

I am going to be a grandmother in approximately 64 days (really, I am counting!) And I can not wait. This will be my first grandchild and I am anxious for the medical problems to be addressed and the baby to come through with flying colors. Prayers are requested and appreciated.

As Mandy’s Belly Grows . . .

5 May

and she prepares for motherhood. . .

Nick continues to be himself!

A Busy Month

5 May

The Baby Shower

Mandy (and Nick) are due July 7, 2011 (Is 7/11 lucky too?) and the month of April has been a busy one. First, Mandy had a surprise baby shower that was attended by 50 guests. Nick tricked her into going to the south shore to look at cribs. When she arrived at Tiffany’s house she was greeted with a chorus of “Surprises!”

She got more gifts than could be taken home in two SUVs. They included a 30 foot long clothesline full of gifts from Grandma, Nick’s mom, which got a lot of laughs when it seemed like it would never end. Mandy’s mother gave her and the baby an antique Sesame Street dining set. Other gifts included a handmade blanket, a high chair, and a stroller among tons of clothes, bath supplies, and other essentials. The shower ended with the cutting of an awesome cake made by Mandy Pembo that incorporated the nursery’s theme as well as the design from a vintage quilt purchased by Grandma.  Below are some pics from the occasion.

Additionally, Nick and Mandy went in for a 4D ultrasound, the latest in technology. The pictures are below. Who do you think the baby looks more like, Nick or Mandy? Or another family member? Maybe Aunt Laura. . .  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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