Wesley comes Home 5/11/2015

17 May

Cameron’s little brother Wesley Raider Mogg was born 4/22/2015.  Wesley had to stay in the NICU at St Tammany Parish Hospital for 19 days.  He was premature and was in an isolate for a few days until he could hold his own temperature.  Also, Wesley was given an NG tube to give him his feeds of formula until he was strong enough to bottle feed.  Luckily, Wesley did not require a ventilator or any other medical assistance.  On Monday 5/11/2015 Wesley was discharged from the hospital and came home.  We had an appointment with the Pediatrician last week for Wes and he weighed 4lbs 11oz.  There are currently no other medical concerns for Wesley besides putting weight on him.  Cameron has been kind and very good with the new baby home.  Cam is going to be a great big brother and we are so blessed to have them both.  Thank you again for the support and prayers for our family. 









One Response to “Wesley comes Home 5/11/2015”

  1. Sally Royston June 19, 2015 at 11:22 am #

    Mandy…..I haven’t talked to your mom in a while….changed jobs….this is Sally the former dart lady….Congratulations on Wesley….sending lots of love and joy to all of you..Cameron is such a cutie….best of luck with 2 boys!!! Tell mom a big HI!!!

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