Baby Mogg 2.0 (Wesley Raider Mogg: 4/22/2015)

25 Apr

Wesley Raider Mogg came into the world 4/22/2015 at 12:17pm weighing a tiny 3lbs 4oz and 16 1/4″ long.  The baby was taken early in pregnancy at 34 weeks due to complications but both Mommy and new baby are well now.  Wes will need to stay in the NICU until he can grow to around 4lbs and hold his own temperature which may take a few weeks.  We are no stranger to hospital stay but none of the alarm sounds were missed not even a little from pumps finishing dosages to the alarms of high to low heart rate and oxygen saturation.  However, this round with Baby Mogg 2.0 we have a lot less happening which is a blessing.  Again, we are only waiting on weight gain at this point and there are no current complications with the new baby.

Cameron is officially a big brother and if it were not for Cam we might not have caught the pregnancy complication soon enough to act.  We had requested ultrasounds to check for any heart defects and instead found a weight issue which called for early delivery with Wesley.  It is truly a blessing for our family to have the current technology and medical advancement available today.  I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and concern for our new baby boy Mogg Wesley, we will post updates here if anything new should come up. 









One Response to “Baby Mogg 2.0 (Wesley Raider Mogg: 4/22/2015)”

  1. Katrina April 27, 2015 at 6:57 am #

    Congrats, he is beautiful!!

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