Raffle Tickets for Cameron Mogg – November 20th, 2014

20 Nov

And the Winners of the Cameron Mogg Raffle are: (We have a video posted on my Facebook page of Cameron actually pulling these two winning tickets):

1st place prize went to John Keller and 2nd place prize went to Annie Cantrell, Congratulations & Enjoy!!! A very special thank you to Andrea Varuso-Corne, Randy Lynn Varuso-Gioe, Gail Varuso and everyone else who shared the post or sold tickets we appreciate all their hard work. Also, our gratitude goes to every single person who bought a ticket to show support for Cameron and our family!!!

Original Announcement:

Cameron Mogg Raffle Tickets are being sold now from our great friends Andrea Varuso Corne and Randy Lynn Varuso Gioe with special thanks to Gail Varuso. Our contact for these tickets will be via email andreavcorne@gmail.com or Facebook friend and message Amanda Williams-Mogg for details on how to get tickets. There are 1,000 tickets available for purchase and all profits will go to the Baby Mogg Medical Fund. Drawing will take place November 20th 2014. Ticket Price: $10 Each or 3 for $25. There are amazing prizes on the table:

Grand Prize:

> 2 tickets to the Saints vs. Panthers Game December 7th 2014

> 1 Night stay at the Hilton Downtown on December 6th 2014.

> Gift card to House of Blues with access to the Foundation Room

> Autographed picture of Drew Brees

2nd Prize:

>> 4 tickets to the Pelicans vs. Spurs Game December 26 2014

>> $50 Visa Gift Card





One Response to “Raffle Tickets for Cameron Mogg – November 20th, 2014”

  1. Tricia November 8, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    I will buy some!

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