Follow Up with Pediatric Cardiologist

18 Nov

We had an appointment with his Pediatric Cardiologist Dr Sernich on Wednesday October 29th and we knew we had to run all kinds of testing. We had an xray, Echo, ultrasound and blood work. It was an extremely busy day and Cam was upset from most of it being completely over the hospital and the bed and all of the touching and testing and wires etc etc etc. After the results were back there was still a small amount of fluid in his right side of his chest in the pleural space that needed to be watched carefully so it was another XRay and ultrasound scheduled for Friday. Our Doctor said his heart function looks great there was no more fluid in that area where there was a small amount in the previous week in the CICU when we had the PICC line removed so that was good

Friday came we went to Chnola on Halloween day all dressed up as Wonder Women Mom and Captain America Cam. We did our Xray and ultrasound checking for the chest fluid on his right side. The measurement sounded like it grew slightly but the Nurse assured me it was such a small amount that we could go home that day. We where still warned to keep our ‘just in case we are admitted for chest tubes’ bags packed and to come back Monday for yet another round of testing.

Halloween at home was most enjoyable, we did go out into our loving neighborhood and got to visit some what with others (This was risky because we should not be out in public spaces but we were as careful and considerate of our personal space outside with Cam). Anyway Cam enjoyed knocking and trick or treating but most of the candy went to Wonder Woman Mom and Wolverine Dad. Cam is sad he cannot have the chocolate candies and asks if they are a yes or no fat free food which is a funny sad! We just tell him that he is on special medicine and some foods will make him sick again so mommy and daddy are super careful with what he is eating has to be fat free. We also tell him after all the medicine is done we can go back to having all these other foods and it won’t be too long that he can’t have these special foods which he does seem to somewhat understand or agree with us for the moment. He even checks the labels with me sometimes it’s so sad that’s all I can say to explain it. I feel like I keep feeding him the same things over and over but even before all this he was a repetitive meal toddler anyway. Cam does ask for these same meals of fat free mash potato, hash browns, French fries and noodles which is good and we try our best to bring new or different snacks to the table often. The weekend passes at home with no symptoms of chest fluid.

Come Monday, November 3rd we go back to Chnola for our Xray and ultrasound again for the chest fluid. Bam! The fluid is gone and we are released from following that issue. This was a big surprise for us and a huge exciting moment of relief! Mommy is in shock that things worked out with this chest fluid because she was terrified we would be admitted back there for new chest tubes knowing our long history of chest fluid after the Glenn surgery. Anyway all is well (knock on wood) and we return home Post Fontan successful…



















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