Auntie Laura gets married in Florida!!!

30 Mar

Cameron was discharged last Wednesday and we got permission to go to Florida to attend Nick’s sister and Cam’s godmother, Laura’s beautiful wedding. It was incredible fun and everyone was so excited to finally meet Cameron, because for so long we wouldn’t bring him with us to functions, due to his low immunity. We still need to be extremely careful with him because he is not up to date with his vaccinations, so being around children could be risky. We do our very best to wipe down everything he comes into contact with using Wet Ones to sanitize everything, like new toys etc. Don’t worry, he had his own co-sleeper bed to sleep in out there. It will forever be dangerous for him to get sick, especially anything that causes respiratory issues, but he will grow stronger as he gets older. Anyway what an amazing event! We were so joyful to attend such a wonderful occasion. Congrats to Auntie Laura & Uncle Augie. Enjoy the pics!




2 Responses to “Auntie Laura gets married in Florida!!!”

  1. Katherine Henriques March 30, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Beautiful! I am sure Cam’s presence brought extra joy to to the occasion!!! He’s such a happy boy!

  2. Sally S Royston March 30, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Talked to your mom today Mandy…..told me about the trip….you 3 look amazing….weddings are so much fun….you are doing a fabulous job with that handsome son of yours…..keep up the great work…..

    Sally (the dart lady)

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