Yes we have another chest tube…

16 Mar

Cameron is ok now but we were admitted yesterday morning to children’s CICU again for chest tube number 4 in the right side. Cameron has had 6 total chest tubes after the Glenn procedure done November 2011. Cameron had gone a few weeks without any chest tubes but we had been doing a weekly X-ray and sometimes an ultrasound following a small line on his right side. We came Monday morning for the weekly X-ray and sometime between then and Thursday 200cc of fluid built up in his chest (yes this is a lot for the baby’s chest area). No we don’t know why yet and there is a few possibilities such as diet, illness or heart function. They suggested doing a cath on Cam next week to check his heart functions.

Cameron was having a bad diaper rash from diarrhea since the weekend due to issues with his formula (we think) and he has been miserable. We changed his diet back to straight tolerex 20 calorie since Monday but the diarrhea continued and he was upset. I knew he was mad about these problems and not acting like himself grunting and wanting me to hold him all day, but he started eating again once we changed the formula back. I usually try to check his saturation levels in the morning and I wasn’t getting his normal 80-85 instead I was getting 70-75 which is too low for him. Also, he looked blueish to me in his face… most apparent in his lips. Also, over night I noticed he was really breathing heavy in his sleep so I called in for unscheduled appointments with all his Doctors on my list. We got an X-ray first and I asked for the Doctor to check him out in addition to the test because I could tell something was wrong. I really thought he was sick and had a virus or flu because it seemed like he was having trouble breathing causing him to be blueish. I did not expect the pleural effusion because we were just here Monday for that X-ray. When the nurse saw him in person they immediately took us to the back, put him on a pulse ox machine and called for the oxygen because they only got 60-65 for his sat numbers. The more and more aggravated he got the lower his saturation levels dipped and he was already mad about being held down for X-ray. Also, Cam does not like anything up his nose (like the nose suction bulb and/or pump) and boy did he put up a huge fight over the nasal cannula. Mommy tried to help but Cam ended up getting sedated to get him to calm down. After surgery he was holding his own and no longer needed the oxygen, but he is still groggy and grunts in his sleep maybe from the surgery and very long week. I hope to see a better day for him tomorrow now that the fluid is out and I hope he can get some rest and recover again. Yes it’s upsetting to see him here again I truly wish the pleural effusions would just stop and he could stay out of the hospital until his next procedure a few years from now. We will post more when we have additional information, thank you for the continued prayers!




4 Responses to “Yes we have another chest tube…”

  1. Katherine Henriques March 16, 2012 at 5:31 am #

    Praying this will be figured out and permanently resolved! God bless you all.

  2. Sandy March 16, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    He is such a doll and such a little trooper. May God bless this precious child with good health in abundance!!! Hugs and kisses little man.

  3. miss cindy March 16, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Just look at that face! Poor baby!

  4. claudette March 17, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    here we go again, double duty prayer time!!! hang in there little man and get well soon again….

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